November 30, 2011

Wednesday doodle

This is my dog, Sushi :)

November 29, 2011


Here's a set of stickers for kid's rooms I created of farm animals :)

November 27, 2011

Sunday doodle

When someone gives you reasons to cry, show them you still have reasons to smile!

November 25, 2011

Coming soon..

Hey!! I am working on updating this blog's design a little bit and also make it a bit more open. Sometimes I want to share thoughts, photography, comment on other artists etc. I will still be uploading my artwork here (I know I haven't updated in a while..sorry!!) but if you ONLY care to see my artwork then you can visit my website:

I think this blog will provide a good opportunity to share more about me so my readers (if there is anyone out there...) will get to know Andrea the artist, the person, the girl...and not just see cute illustrations without knowing who I am at all!

I am excited about this so I hope you are too!



I heard this song this morning and wanted to share it :) Sometimes it takes a song, a moment, a movie...anything to get you inspired and get your life moving. Yesterday was Thanksgiving and I wanted to say how grateful I am for the people in my life and all the friends who love me and are always there for me. Life is a beautiful thing and God is wonderful.

November 11, 2011

Serenity Prayer

No explanation is needed for this, it's simply something I feel and pray for everyday :)

On a happier note, my first card designs are now up on the website! You can search my name "andrea rodriguez" and see my designs. Or just click on the link below :P
So far there are two holiday season cards ad I hope there will me more in time :)