March 30, 2010

Fairies final presentation

This is what the final presentation was like when I brought it in for critique!


This is a new project just started this week for advanced media class. I chose to do a baby giraffe with a little bunny friend :)

Here is my process and how the final is looking so far. Will be done in sculpy hopefully by next week

March 23, 2010

fairies final

This is my final piece for my fairies series. During the critique I got some useful feedback so I will be changing this around a bit to make the values and the sizes better.

March 13, 2010

Another portrait of Gwen

Tried out different colors and here's the end result

Book cover

My cover for the book kira-kira
Done in acrylics. There are some things to fix here specially the girls and the lighting on them as well as the house and the path

Ricas nieves Don Pepe

My entry for the Frida Kahlo contest

Mastercopy from last year

This was my final mastercopy of Mary Cassatt
Sara in a green bonnet

More work that i forgot to upload..

Sci-fi assignment done in acrylic
Enjoyed thisi one, the colors were fun and im more fond of acrylics now

March 12, 2010

Fairies in progress...

March 10, 2010


This next illustration assignment is an open one so i decided to do bookmarks for teenage girls and my designs will be 4 seasonal fairies
here are spring and winter

Watercolor portrait