January 31, 2010

Dog ointment advertisement final

Here is my final. i need to adjust some things after what was said in the critique


Here is technically my first assignment for advanced media class
A boy and his manatees done with pen on bristol paper

January 25, 2010

In progresss

Dog Flea Ointment

Assignment is to make an advertisement for a flea ointment that shows a contorted dog trying to apply the ointment on himself with the help of a mirror

January 24, 2010

Past Illustration projects

Soy Milk Advertisement for ZenSoy company. Done in photoshop

Caricature of Adrien Brody with a toucan in a tropical rainforest. Done in gouache

Illustration for poem 'The Pilot" by Russell Edson. Done in Oil on Illustration board

January 23, 2010


my final computer ill project

January 8, 2010

Some projects from last semester